It was a good week.

I closed a computer installation and maintenance program with a local pressure washing contractor in Mcdonough Ga.

It was a win-win.

First i was able to use an older computer that a client traded in on a recent install.

I cleaned it up and it works awesome now.

I set up Ubunto and quick books so he can bill his customers.

PLUS we did a little barter in the deal.

He got the used computer and i got my house power washed.

I still get a small monthly contract fee for maintenance and virus protection.

By the way i am open to barter for computer maintenance if anyone is interested 🙂

I read about barter on a website and it opened my eyes to the value of trading to get your foot in the door with a local business.

I picked up a client I never would have gotten before.

By the way if anyone wants their home pressure washed give Jeremy a call and tell him I sent you 🙂

JSC Pressure Washing

957 Hway 42 N

McDonough, GA 30253


Update: I did some more bartering and got my moms house pressure washed in Gwinnett county also. I love this bartering thing! If anyone wants any computer work done and have something worth bartering then please contact me. I may be interested in working a deal with you.


Released on April 17, 2014, Ubuntu 14.04 is the latest Long Term Support release of the world’s most popular open-source operating system.

Did you know that Ubuntu OpenStack sits at the heart of cloud infrastructure at some of the world’s largest and most innovative companies?

#1: Smaller Unity Launcher
#2: Raise Volume Past 100%
#3: Locally Integrated Menus
#4: Full Menus
#5: Antialiased Windows
#6: Faster Lock Screen Shortcut
#7: Live Window Resizing

Recently upgraded my client that sells home insurance in Atlanta.

So far they love it and commented on how easy it is to use.

I also picked up a new client this week that does AC repair in McDonough.

They are a small mom and pop shop and need help with their computers.

Anyway back to Ubuntu 14.04.
But what’s new in the latest ubunto release? If you can spare two minutes, you’ll soon find out as you watch the video above.



Helping a friend out that gives free home insurance quotes Atlanta Ga. Helping him test ubuntu out on an old machine so he can see what it is like. Anyway here are 5 tips i will share with you since i just helped him with these. 1- Enable ctrl-alt-backspace to kill xserver sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool to launch type: gnome-tweak-tool 2- Install pipelight so silverlight works sudo apt-add-repository ppa:pipelight/stable sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install pipelight-multi 3- Enable silverlight plugin sudo pipelight-plugin –enable silverlight 4- Enable widevine plugin sudo pipelight-plugin –enable widevine 5- To get flash woking in chromium (chrome pepperflash) sudo apt-get install pepperflashplugin-nonfree sudo update-pepperflashplugin-nonfree –install 6- Install restricted extras sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras 7- Install unrestricted version of libavcodec for encoding and decoding sudo apt-get install libavcodec-extra 8- Install Java runtime env and web plugin sudo apt-get install icedtea-7-plugin openjdk-7-jre 9- Java developement kit sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jdk Will they use ubunto for their Atlanta home insurance agency? Only time will tell. Either way this gave me a chance to share these points i found on youtube with you 🙂


ok so you have installed ubutu on your desktop and laptop via usb  flashdrive like we talked about yesterday.

Now in this video we will learn how to navigate in ubuntu.

  1.  learn about the launcher.
  2. Click on USER: See your folders for documents, pictures, videos etc. It is similiar to windows! This is the way for you to reach your files.
  3. You can download applications like google chrome!
  4. Learn how to search, download, install and remove applications in the dash.
  5. Learn how to move icons around on your launcher bar.
  6. Learn how to search for files.
  7. Learn how to find music


This video gives a step by step tutorial on how to install ubuntu onto any computer just simply using a usb flash drive.

go to ubuntu website and download the IOS image. Don’t worry i know it sounds scary just watch the video and see for yourself that it isn’t hard at all.
Burn the IOS drive to your USB flash drive.
take the flash drive and plug it into your computer
download it into your computer or laptop
Install it on your computer
Ask any questions that you may have. Or please tell us about your experience downloading and installing ubuntu on your business computer.

Ever hear of Ubunto?

If you are thinking about an os for your office computers than why not seriously think about linux ubuntu?
Ubunto? Never heard of it!

Don’t worry we will show you how to get it for free.

Notice what wikipedia says about this free open source operating system.

Ubuntu (/uːˈbuːntuː/ oo-boon-too) is a Debian-based Linux operating system, with Unity as its default desktop environment (GNOME was the previous desktop environment). It is based on free software and named after the Southern African philosophy of ubuntu (literally, “human-ness”), which often is translated as “humanity towards others” or “the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity”.

According to some metrics, Ubuntu is the most popular desktop Linux distribution to date.

Development of Ubuntu is led by Canonical Ltd., a company owned by South African entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth. Canonical generates revenue through the sale of technical support and other services related to Ubuntu. The Ubuntu project is publicly committed to the principles of open source development; people are encouraged to use free software, study how it works, improve upon it, and distribute it.”

What does this mean for you and I?

Simply this that you don’t have to pay for expensive microsoft bloated operating systems that crash over and over again.

Ubuntu is light, easy to use and VERY stable!

But what about all of my favorite windows programs and applications?
That is the best part!

Microsoft Office and other Microsoft Windows applications can be operated via the Wine compatibility package or by using a virtual machine such as VirtualBox or VMware Workstation.

This mans you get the best of both worlds!

This sounds so complicated!

No trust me.

Ubuntu is easy to use with a small learning curve. (Don’t forget you have to relearn microsoft every time a new edition of the OS comes out!)

This is another advantage…

While those microsoft os upgrades will cost you hundreds of dollars for each computer you have , (Just times that by the number of machines you have. YIKES!) Ubuntu on the other hand has FREE updates. 🙂

You can download ubuntu here to try it yourself for free!

Masuran Intro

Masuran Sinax is a young and dynamic IT company that specializes in Open Source Integration. Based on our expertise and the wishes and needs of your company, we help you to reduce operational IT costs by integrating Open Source software in your company.

Linux and Open Source services
Linux on server and desktop – Sinax has extensive experience with both Linux on the server and on the desktop. We recommend Ubuntu Linux to our customers but provide services for just about all known Linux distributions! Read all about our Linux Integration services.

Open Source Backup – With the excellent Open Source backup software Bacula we help your company implement a reliable backup and disaster recovery solution. Read more about backup and disaster recovery with Bacula.

Open Source Monitoring – The known Open Source monitoring package Nagios 3 offers you an Open Source monitoring solution that is more than just server or network monitoring. Read more about monitoring using Nagios 3.

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In addition to Open Source integration, we developed the Intramas system, a web-based system for the development of tailor-made software for companies and public authorities.