Masuran Intro

Masuran Sinax is a young and dynamic IT company that specializes in Open Source Integration. Based on our expertise and the wishes and needs of your company, we help you to reduce operational IT costs by integrating Open Source software in your company.

Linux and Open Source services
Linux on server and desktop – Sinax has extensive experience with both Linux on the server and on the desktop. We recommend Ubuntu Linux to our customers but provide services for just about all known Linux distributions! Read all about our Linux Integration services.

Open Source Backup – With the excellent Open Source backup software Bacula we help your company implement a reliable backup and disaster recovery solution. Read more about backup and disaster recovery with Bacula.

Open Source Monitoring – The known Open Source monitoring package Nagios 3 offers you an Open Source monitoring solution that is more than just server or network monitoring. Read more about monitoring using Nagios 3.

Overview of our Services

Web based software
In addition to Open Source integration, we developed the Intramas system, a web-based system for the development of tailor-made software for companies and public authorities.